Quinoa Porridge

Great for a winter’s alternative to oat porridge!  Sets you up for a good day nicely!

Cook the Quinoa – soak first as this helps remove the saponins that give Quinao it’s slightly bitter taste –  then cook in water, simmer until the liquid is absorbed the ‘grains’ are fluffy. Cool. The quinoa will absorb the water and will naturally expand.

Once cooked and almost ready to serve, add in some of your favourite milk and stir in whilst on a low heat.   (I like the extra creamy taste with coconut milk but otherwise almond or any you like will work well).  

Add cinnamon or vanilla to flavour.

Add your toppings (this is nice with bananas or dried fruit and nuts or fresh berries or slices of fresh apple).

If you need to sweeten add in some raw honey or a couple of drops of stevia.

Variation:  if you are a chocoholic then stir in some raw cacao powder or top with some raw chocolate nibs!

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