Reviewing your 2016: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

It’s hard to believe that we are coming up to the end of another year. I know I say it every year but does anyone else think this year has gone faster than ever? I don’t know about you but it’s at this time of year with a new year fast approaching that I start to back over the course of the last 12 months and think about what I’ve achieved – and perhaps more strikingly what I haven’t.

When I stop and think about that though I think it’s quite telling that I naturally look at what I haven’t done and perhaps give this more ‘air time’ in my head than I do my achievements and thinking about how far I have actually grown.

Why do I look at this in this way? Is it because it’s part of my make-up, my DNA? The way I’m wired? My friends and family would probably say I’m a driven individual who is constantly driving herself and wants to achieve. Is it because I’m not content with what I have? And I’m looking to the next thing? Am I a glass half empty rather than half-full person (I don’t normally think of myself in this way as I see myself as quite a positive person and if I’m down it’s normally not for long). I know others think of me as being highly ambitious, driven and a high performer but that is not how I see myself. I am just an ordinary working mother and wife.

I emailed a good friend today to catch up with her and I threw out a comment about a frustrating week at work and her response made me sit up and have a different perspective. It made me exam my mind-set and put a different slant on things. She pointed out that I had a secure pay cheque coming in and she is so right…. I took that completely for granted when so many other people don’t – it was such a simple thing to say to me but a big wake up call for me – an ‘aha’ moment if you like. Because I am so lucky and have a lot to be thankful for – but I don’t always take stock and think about the blessings I have.

So my learning for today is that there is always a plus or a good side to every situation but sometimes we need it pointed out to us or we have to search for it. And when we do it can make you feel loads better about a negative situation. This actually humbled me and I was quite annoyed at myself for complaining when I do have so much and others have much less.

So, my point is, it’s all too easy to look on the negative and the things we are not happy with. And so as we come up to yet another year end make a point of taking some time out to think about where we have got to and to celebrate the good times in our lives and to think about our successes and what we can be proud of.

So ask yourself the following:

  1. What’s been the top 3 highlights of the year for you?
  2. What are you most proud of?
  3. Where have you grown as a person? What evidence have you seen of this?
  4. What new skills have you got that you didn’t have this time last year?
  5. What have you done to make another person smile or feel good about themselves?
  6. Even in the darkest moments think about one good thing that came out of that situation? Perhaps you’ve had a period of illness but made a good friend out of it or were overwhelmed with kindness that made you realise you have such good support.
  7. If a door has been shut to us – not successful in your hunt for a new job or promotion or you’ve experienced failed a relationship or not found love you were after – has it led to something new? Something better? Or a lesson or learning for you to take forwards?

So, do you feel better? I know I do. Isn’t it amazing that a shift in perspective or mind-set can instantly make us feel happier and more content with our lot?

It also helps me if I believe that we are in the right place for us at this particular time – we are following our destiny and path that God or the Universe or whoever you believe in has in store for us. Some things don’t work out quite as we have planned or would like but that may be because they were not right or good for us at this particular time in our lives. It may just be a case of timing – we have to be a little bit patient but in the meantime celebrate you and the person you are today, how far you have come and what is good in your life!

So, now I can approach the end of the year from a positive brighter position knowing that I can build on the foundations I’ve put in place this year over the next.

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