I’m Alison Middleton and I’m passionate about everything to do with health and wellbeing.

As an Integrated Wellness and Transformation Practitioner, my unique approach combines all the elements of my training to bring together deep transformation and shifts at every level of your life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

A certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, an IIN accredited health coach, student at the School of Applied Functional Medicine and sought-after corporate speaker, I am committed to helping you bring out the best in yourself so you can unlock your own routes to true well-being.  I work with you to empower you to bring mind and body into balance so you can thrive and live your life flourishing with natural vitality and zest.

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  • Qualifications:
    • Clinical hypnotherapist (EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation) and IMDHA)
    • Health and Life Coach, certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN,)  member of the IACH (International Association of Health Coaches) and a member of UKHCA (UK Health Coaches Association). 
    • Studied at the School of Applied Functional Medicine
    • LIGHT practitioner
    • BLAST trauma practitioner
    • Master Reiki practitioner
    • Theta Healing practitioner
    • Access Bars practitioner
    • Fast Track Level 1
    • Student of TASSO Transpersonal Regression Therapy
    • Bach Flower Remedy & Therapeutic Essential Oils practitioner
    • Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
    • Accredited Employment & Workplace Mediator
    • BA Hons in French & History (RHBNC, London University)

Specialist areas: stress mastery, resilience, anxiety and depression, weight management, sleep, gut, mental and brain health and corporate wellbeing.


Why I do What I do

Prior to starting my own business, I  was former Global Group Head of Talent & Development for Nord Anglia Education and their then 56 schools across 28 different countries. With a background in HR, I spent most of her professional career in law firms in various senior HR roles including Head of Employee Relations, Reward and Management Information for Baker McKenzie in both London and Hong Kong, Global Diversity Manager and Head of Policy and Advice at Clifford Chance, London. In these roles health and wellbeing was a constant focus and I was responsible for the development and introduction of wellbeing policies and interventions at both these top tier legal firms.  I put in place stress management policies and interventions such as an onsite Drs surgery, occupational health centre and managed the group medical insurance and long-term disability.

Seeing how prevention and education helped improve health, productivity, employee satisfaction and engagement woke me up to the importance of looking after our whole self – our body, mind and emotions. But only when my family experienced its share of hard-hitting health issues, such as cancer, chronic irritable bowel syndrome, and anorexia, was I able to fully understand that wellbeing is the key to living a successful and fulfilling life.

As the main breadwinner, our whole family’s stability depended on me to be fit and well and able to function. So, when a burst appendix and a flare-up of endometriosis threatened to derail my full-time career, I knew I had to learn how to manage and protect my health and wellbeing. And I have not looked back!  Health became my passion and I decided to retrain whilst working full time to make health and wellbeing my life and living.

When our health is compromised so much else in life is too – our relationships, work, finances, social life, and more. The best gift we can give to ourselves is to look after our bodies physically, mentally and emotionally. I believe so much in this that I’m now on a path to share what I’ve learnt and am continuing to learn so that you too can be a better version of you.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.”

Charles R Swindoll


My philosophy

I believe that each person is an individual and wellbeing is about the whole “you” rather than just focusing on one particular area.  With this in mind there are 3 core concepts that I operate from:

Bio-individuality™:  Working on the premise that every individual has unique food and lifestyle needs. One person’s food and nourishment could be another person’s poison and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you.

Primary Food™:  Many things contribute to you flourishing. For example, “food” means more than just the food we eat; it includes all other aspects of our daily lives. Healthy relationships, fulfilling careers, regular physical activity, and a spiritual awareness are essential forms of nourishment and therefore part of the Primary Food ecosystem. When all of our Primary Foods are balanced, what we eat becomes one small part of a larger whole that promotes the living of an inspired, vitality-filled life.

Mind-Body Connection: As a student of the mind,  I believe that our thoughts dictate our feelings and emotions and disease and physical symptoms are a sign that we are out of balance.  Looking at our emotions, clearing negative mindsets and managing stress are all key to healing. My treatments and therapies all look at the whole you.


When I’m not working

In my spare time (!) I love  nothing more than spending time with my Alex either in Asia, where we spent 9 years or in Europe. Us Middletons are often to be found sampling the culinary delights, indulging in family cookery classes wherever we go! My other passions are walking in nature, reading or watching psychological thrillers and cheering on Alex, a keen footballer, in his matches.

As a wellness ambassador, I have appeared regularly in Playtimes and  The South China Morning Post (SCMP) in Hong Kong and am a sought after corporate speaker.

I am also a  great believer in contributing to my local community and was a magistrate/JP (one of the youngest appointed in the UK) for 6 years and an accredited mediator and in my 8 years based in Asia, sat on the Committee of Management at Union Church as their voluntary HR Adviser, ran the Daniel Plan for the congregation and helped to run their Alpha courses.

I have always been  a great supporter of women in the workplace and formed part of the TWF Mentoring Programme Steering Committee and served as a  member of the BritCham Women in Business Committee for 5 years in Hong Kong.  I  was honoured for my work as an Inspirational women leader at the very first CMO Asia awards held in Hong Kong in January 2019. And I was very proud to be featured by the TWF as their first Alumni member in February 2019 showcasing that is it possible for women to transform and reinvent themselves and follow their passions and dreams for a living.

I hope AM1 Health will help guide you to unlock and take the route that is right for you.




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