Battling Endometriosis and Winning!

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue grows outside of the uterus causing a great deal of – at times quite unbearable pain especially during menstruation and for many can result in infertility. (Maybe a reason why it took me so long to get pregnant with my son, Alex and then didn’t happen again after a miscarriage a few years later). Causes are not clear and there is no real cure for endometriosis. Continue reading

More ways to get vegetables into your diet

The recommended amount is at least 5 servings a day of fruit and veg and many of us struggle to hit that target.  The University of London in 2014 came out and said we should be aiming for 7 so how do we make sure we up our vegetable intake?

I call it ‘crowding out’. Fill your plate with more vegetables you’ll soon see the benefits. You’ll be getting more fibre, nutrients and antioxidants and will feel fuller so won’t be so tempted to add to overindulge on other foods that aren’t so good for you! Continue reading