Conquer Your Fear

3x 75 mins hypnotherapy in person or over Skype.

Do you have fear or a phobia that is stopping you doing things or being the best you can be?  Whether it is public speaking, managing meetings, fear of flying or being afraid of spiders then this is for you. Make this the year you finally conquer your fear!

++ Client Exploratory Session:  Usually held face to face or via skype. So  I can get to know you and can share how hypnotherapy works and also so I can understand more about the area of your life you are looking to transform. From here I’ll be able to give an initial recommendation around the number of therapy sessions you make need and tailor a programme to meet your unique needs. It’s also a chance for you to ask any burning questions you may have! And have an introduction to the therapy.  All of which will enable us to Fast track you to the result you are looking to achieve.

++ 2 Client Sessions x 75 mins: In these sessions we’ll work through a variety of techniques to explore, create awareness, heal and create shifts in your life for long-lasting or permanent transformation.  There may be homework in between sessions, which includes listening overnight to recordings (these usually take the form of affirmations or short scripts) that are developed specially for you. I’ll also teach you self-hypnosis and a selection of other useful tools and techniques, as appropriate, (such as the Emotional Empowerment Technique (EET) – a shortened fast track Tapping Tool) for you to use outside of the sessions and, which in themselves, can be transformational.


You’ll also receive access to your very own customised Transformational Toolkit which may include:

++ Self-hypnosis Technique. Learn how to put yourself very quickly and easily into a state of relaxation that will allow you to deepen your affirmations and meditation practices in the comfort of your own home.

++Recorded affirmations/scripts that will be designed specially for you to reinforce the work we do outside of our sessions so you can continue to amplify your results and make progres towards your goals.

++ EET  (Emotional Empowerment Technique) Tool & Guidelines – A shortened version (but just as effective) as the famous EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) –  “Tapping”. The technique I will teach you is a very quick and effective treatment method that can bring almost immediate relief/ healing from physical and emotional pain or anxiety.

Cost: £645

Fear of public speaking at work is always an obstacle in my career development. Even I had great ideas in work meetings, I found myself getting really anxious before speaking out, so I always ended up not saying anything. I am in Human Resources – so my job requires me to speak in meetings. I cannot explain how grateful I am to be able to go through the Hypnotherapy sessions with Alison. I had 5 amazing sessions with Alison and some of them were actually quite powerful. Alison understood me and gave me a lot of practical tips which I could use easily. Alison helped me through my anxiety and building my confidence in speaking out in meetings – the meeting I had with 10 senior partners was great success! Alison is a professional and caring and has honestly changed my life. Thank you, Alison!


Kathy, HR Manager, Hong Kong