Double A Health Team

Are you trying to get your kids to love good greens and loathe nasty sugars?

We can help you.

The Double A Health Team (the As stand for Alison and Alex, in case you were wondering!) was formed when my 11-year-old son Alex and I learnt about the scary prognosis of the health of children – the fact that this generation of children may have shorter life spans than their parents.

Whilst I’m on a journey to help adults unlock their routes to wellbeing, together we realised we needed to help children and their families make healthier choices too.

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“I love getting together with my mum and sharing important messages about healthy eating with other children. Eating healthily has helped to reduce my asthma symptoms  and perform better in sports. I hope you enjoy watching Double A Health Team’s videos as much as we enjoy making them!” says Alex.

Together, we can give children the gift of great health.

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