Smoking Cessation or Alcohol Dependency Sessions

I recommend a series of around 6 to 7 back to back sessions to give you the support you need during this time and to gain immediate and permanent changes.

Each session will last between 60 to 90 minutes.

First session

This first session will assess your readiness and commitment to the process. If you do decide to go forwards payment for all the 6 to 7 subsequent sessions will need to be paid in advance.

Cost: £220

Subsequent Sessions:

Package (5 sessions dependent on progress/need on consecutive days) with a follow up consultation a month later as needed. Each session comprises of several cognitive and hypnotherapy healing techniques, visualisations and exercises to release the disempowering beliefs and experiences from your subconscious mind. These sessions usually last between 60 to 90 mins.

Package (5 sessions dependent on progress/need on consecutive days) with a follow up consultation to reinforce the changes a month later).

Cost:  £1,290

Please note that sessions cannot be rescheduled and the full payment is due on the day of commencement and is sadly non -refundable if you do decide to not complete the course and attend all sessions. Results are dependent on client readiness and willingness to quit.


So the good news is, I am still not smoking, vaping or anything!!!!

I started smoking when I was 15 years old, with both my Parents smoking from my Birth, so it was deeply rooted in my life. I smoked for 32 years and within that time there were many attempts at giving up smoking, all unsuccessful and never more than 48 hours of abstinence.

To be frank, I was willing to give anything a try, but was very sceptical in relation to Hypnotherapy being a typically suspicious person in relation to any therapy, in particular that which deals with the mind. So against that backdrop of scepticism, I attended our first meeting. You immediately made me feel relaxed and importantly not to feel too self conscious or embarrassed whilst undertaking the therapy. I actually feel that this first Session was so important on many levels, firstly to feel comfortable and understand the process, but more importantly for you to provide coping mechanisms for the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms of stopping smoking. The further Sessions, served to reinforce that initial Therapy, taking me to a deeper understanding of the roots of my addiction and addressing those.

I have now not smoked for 8 weeks and as per your mantra, I do not smoke and I don’t feel the urge to smoke!

I feel strong enough to not need to smoke ever again, but I also know that it is supported by the coping mechanisms and realignment of my relationship with Nicotine that you provided within the Therapy.

All in all, it has been a life changing, positive experience and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Your attitude and approach is perfect, calm, empathetic, understanding, non-judgemental, especially for those that are not confident in their ability to reach their goal and also those who are perhaps a little embarrassed, or sceptical to be using Hypnotherapy for the first time.

I would, without hesitation, recommend you as a Therapist and Hypnotherapy as a treatment to anyone who would like to change something in their life.

Andy, Hong Kong

Alison gave me several Hypnotherapy sessions to help me become 100% alcohol free. I have been a habitual wine drinker for almost 30 years and although I knew I had to stop drinking wine due to cancer, I was finding it very, very difficult to stop!

The experience has been incredibly successful; even more profound than I had been expecting. It was intense as we had several sessions on consecutive days and looked back in to my childhood experiences to clear the reasons why I was addicted to alcohol.

Since our sessions I have not had one sip of wine and I have not even come close to being tempted.

What is very interesting to me is that although we were only working on my alcohol addiction, I feel much stronger in my own power in general; so the work has also supported my healing journey in many areas. I am noticing that my boundaries are stronger with work, other people and food as well. I love the strong will power which she helped me to create with layers of iron, mesh and other layers and I know that I will be able to cope much better with all kinds of challenges in the future.

Alison was really patient and caring throughout the whole process; I felt that she was totally committed to helping me release myself from this addiction. I felt very safe in her capable hands, and so I was able to go very deeply into the process as I could trust her completely.

Sarah R, Portugal