My experience with Alison…

Since starting my regular sessions with Alison, I can confidently say that I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my mental and emotional health. Though this process is still ongoing, through both our hypnosis sessions and regular conversations I have been able to disentangle myself from many past experiences which were still causing me distress after many years. I have been learning to forgive myself for mistakes I have made and am in the process of rewiring the mental pathways which cause me to continually punish myself for years after the fact.

The technique whereby we invite a person’s spiritual energy into a safe space has been particularly effective and helpful. Since much of this guilt and judgment held on my part is wrapped up in the relationships I have had with people, it has allowed me to remove the spectre of hostility and resentment from their memory, often learning much about myself and them in the process. Easing this weight on my shoulders is allowing me.

Jamie, Wales