Working with Alison was a very deep and transformative journey. She is very thorough in her sessions and made sure she covered all aspects of the core issue. To top it she even encouraged me to exercise together with her before our sessions. She also forwarded to me various articles about the benefits of exercise … Continue reading K, Hong Kong

K, Hong Kong

Alison has worked with me over a period of several months to support my journey of healing through cancer. Right from the beginning of our working together I felt very safe, supported and professionally guided by Alison. I have been able to change many things in my life on a fundamental level for which I … Continue reading Sarah, China

Sarah, China

Thanks, Alison for the wonderful sessions. I had a chance to retrieve those memories which were almost forgotten and have learned a lot about my reaction to emotions. I used to be a very sensitive person, but I feel much more peaceful and balanced no matter what is going on around me now. Thank you … Continue reading Kittie, Hong Kong

Kittie, Hong Kong

Dear Alison, I must say we’ve seen a huge improvement. G told me he doesn’t feel the need any more for nail biting. He’s in general much calmer and relaxed as well. G loved having sessions with you. He loved your gentle voice and your very calm and peaceful approach. Every time he was a … Continue reading Isabelle, A happy mum! Belgium

Isabelle, A happy mum! Belgium

Sally, UK I went to see Alison (Alison Middleton) as I was experiencing tremendous anxiety around my elderly mum’s health and in particular before her oncology appointments. I had such a dread of hearing bad news and that her cancer has returned and the anxiety around this would start to build up a few weeks … Continue reading Sally, UK

Sally, UK

My experience with Alison… Since starting my regular sessions with Alison, I can confidently say that I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my mental and emotional health. Though this process is still ongoing, through both our hypnosis sessions and regular conversations I have been able to disentangle myself from many past experiences which were … Continue reading Jamie, Wales

Jamie, Wales

I only had one session of hypno with Alison, but it has made a huge difference. I have been focusing more in class and have been more serious and my teacher has even commented how much better behaved I’ve been. I will keep doing the affirmations but am really proud of myself as this is … Continue reading Jack, UK, aged 12

Jack, UK, aged 12

Working with Alison has been such a wonderful experience! I was new to hypnotherapy when I started sessions with Alison, and during the first session I was made to feel totally comfortable and was able to be honest and open with her to achieve best results. I noticed serious results VERY quickly, and was so … Continue reading Madeleine, Ireland

Madeleine, Ireland

I gained a lot from working with Alison. Despite my initial keen-ness to work with her, I then struggled with letting go in the early sessions and was probably more than challenging as a client. Despite these avoidance tactics, Alison was very patient and firmly but politely persistent. I am not quite sure when the … Continue reading Jo, Hong Kong

Jo, Hong Kong